Backstage day with this talented Paul K from BrusselsOldtimers on Vimeo.
We had a crazy time for this strange shooting! everything you see for only one NICE picture!
here is our partnership with a photographer we admire hugely.
A meeting, an idea, crazy jokes about it, common projects .. and a very nice first picture together.
Thanks again to you Paul – Also thank you to the models who was there!!

Video : Brussels Oldtimers

GREAT MOMENTS @ ZOUTE GRAND PRIX 2014 from BrusselsOldtimers on Vimeo.
Another amazing weekend with the team. We spent great times @ GP zoute! if you have not had the chance to be there? don’t miss it next year. A place that brings everyone, see exceptional cars in 3 days.
More info :
Video : Brussels Oldtimers
Music : Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Pictures (FlicFlac & Bearson Remix)
Bavarian Find – 3.0CSI from BrusselsOldtimers on Vimeo.
We are here again on the road to bring back this beautiful CSI 3.0!!

For the story, the BMW belonged to a gentleman who had started the restoration, but because a lack of time he had to put an ad to sell it .. We heard that the car was for sale, we immediately took contact with the owner .

What a find! It becomes a very rare model with this kit “Alpina & Batmobile”.

Now just starting the end of restoration… and on the road again!

Video : Brussels Oldtimers
Music : Ed Sheeran – I See Fire (Starmain Remix)

An another classic Bmw in Brussels from BrusselsOldtimers on Vimeo.

Mathieu always told us he wanted a classic 2002 Bmw , we found it this morning, in Brussels, only a few Km from our home! Here is the video of this barn find!

Mathieu is now an happy guy! As we are!

Video : Brussels Oldtimers
Music : College feat Electric youth – A Real Hero

Julien’s 65″ Cox from BrusselsOldtimers on Vimeo.

This is the first video we made, featuring the wonderful Beetle Julien own,

Please Take a look over what we do and like our page

Music : Trevor Rabin, Keys To Eleonor
Made by : Julien Vr & Nicolas Hubert

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BMW 2002 TURBO @ Stars Rallye Télévie from BrusselsOldtimers on Vimeo.
A great day for a good cause.
Incredible roads, brilliant sunshine and unknown landscapes.
We loved this day. Thank you to the organization for this wonderful journey.
We had a small problem with the brakes, but nothing serious. We were able to repair it with a good maredsous beer in our hands and on th road again to finish the trip to Waterloo.
See you next year!
Video : Brussels Oldtimers
Music : Benjamin Francis Leftwich
130 Soap Box : Let\’s Race! from BrusselsOldtimers on Vimeo.

We were not ready before our road tests but now the soap box is ready for many races in the colors of BO. We chatted with a beer in hand, laughing about it : but now it\’s done!

What moments of laughter and excitement in the heart of Brussels!
We sought after a means of supporting the red devils : found! COME ON BELGIUM!
Imagine the world cup as a race!

Four disc brakes, perfect form, incredible colors, overinflated tires. and let\’s race!

Video : Brussels Oldtimers
Music : Kyla La Grange – Cut Your Teeth (Kygo)

A discovery sunday : 67′ Amazon Kombi from BrusselsOldtimers on Vimeo.

the car was in a garage for 10 years with, I’ll let you guess the condition of the bodywork…

We did’nt have yet a swedish car in our team, now we’ve one! Welcome home!

What a great times this sunday, we did also a small appearance @ Dreamcollector for his first meet ^^

Video : Brussels Oldtimers
Music : Milky Chance – Fairytale

Video : Nicolas Hubert

The True about the 21/12/12 from BrusselsOldtimers on Vimeo.

Do you know who really saved us from the end of the world?

Savez vous qui nous a vraiment sauvé de la fin du monde?

Bmw E30
Music :
Rock Around The Clock
A-Team Theme song

Made by Justin / Julien / Christophe / Nicolas / Johnny

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