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The 3 series came onto the market in 1975 to replace the 1602, 1802 and 2002. It was only made in 3 door form until 1983. We are lucky enough to present this magnificent M323i, built with great taste !

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This weekend was very busy for us, however we managed to meet up with our friend Alex to bring you this feature on his incredible E21. An enthusiast since very young, when he would go to the track and hill climbs with his dad, one of the best ways to be thrown into the automotive scene so young.

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His passion for BMW, and even more so for M models, came along a few years ago because of a friend of his who showed him his classic BMW, ever since he has become a huge fan of BMW and especially the Motorsport department. 

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The E21 is his favorite of that era, alongside the E28 and E23 that are a lot less sporty than what Alex was looking for. He therefore went looking for an E21, but more precisely the 323i because of the sound of the 6 cylinders.  

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The choice of rims was very difficult according to Alex, he explained that he wanted to give his 323 an agressive look, but sticking to a period correct look. He chose some BBS Rennsport magnesium rims that were used on the track back in the day, a great choice I may say.

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To lower the car, no plug and play kits are available for the E21 to achieve this height. He therefore had some custom coilovers made up in England, the result is rather amazing. 

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Of course you have to like the “Stanced” look, a lowered car with classy rims, and if possible period perfect! Alex told us that he had amazingly positive reactions in the street when he takes it out for a drive.

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Alex’s E21 is only missing one final thing for it to be perfect for him, a pair of Recaro seats available as an option.

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