Why did you choose this model Xavier ? Before all, it’s a Ferrari ! Since I was a little boy I’ve been a huge fan of the Prancing Horse. An Italian car, whatever people may say, really is something special.


But why a 308 ? Well, the 308, it’s a classic Ferrari line, straight from the mid 70s, with much more angular lines than the cars of the 60s. It’s still affordable, for the moment, from buying one to maintaining it. I purchased it before the prices rocket


Any particular reason for a Ferrari ? It has an amazing engine and superb lines. The best about the 308 is the 3.0L V8 just behind the drivers seat, you feel and hear everything. Magical ! However there are no driver aids, not even power steering. But that is part of what makes it special.


Originally I would have preferred a european model, more valuable in Europe. This was down to luck when the vendor showed me the car, but after much thought, the american version had the advantage of less rust than a european equivalent. And rust is not a little detail.


Also, the USA was (and still is) Ferrari’s number 1 market. I think the majority of 308s were aimed for this market. Europe was suffering with the oil crisis in this era. So I decided to go for a proper american version than a disguised european model.


Since 1994 the car had done less than 4000 kilometres. I say kilometres because during the restoration the MPH speedometer was changed. The original mileage is therefore unknown, however they could tell that it hadn’t been driven much, even in the USA.
How could he know this ? The headlight bulbs, the spare wheel and the floor mats are all original ! And these are parts that only wear with use, not in time. The car had 2 previous owners before I got hold of it.




If there’s one thing that I really find great when driving it, it’s seeing children’s eyes !

They go crazy ! It reminds me of the first Ferraris that I saw, and that I’m possibly making future fans of the brand, just like me, scattering around a little Ferrari magic !



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