You probably already know this magnificent Californian BMW, I’m going to refresh your memory, it’s the BMW E28 featured and now well renowned on the internet thanks to a superb article by our friends from Stanceworks.


Here I am, checking out Riley’s instagram, myself a proud E28 owner and a big fan of Riley’s car. Seeing that I’d been following him for a while, Riley contacted me to talk Beemers. One thing leading to another, Riley realised that I own a part that he didn’t and told me that he would like it.


He explained that at home in California, he had looked all over the west coast trying to find this part without success. Riley told me that this part translates as “Louvers” in English and that he was seriously interested. Without second though, I had to get rid of it, therefore offered Riley first refusal, with a box coming from Ikea, some tape and there you go, the part is on it’s way to California.


As I got back from a morning walk, I received a message from Riley “ the postman came “, he went about fitting it straight away to his E28.


Time to present the vehicle in a few lines, one of the cars main talking points is it’s black paint, Riley managed to match Henry Ford’s favorite colour to a light cream that you’ll find on the BBS RS211s restored by Riley. These give the car it’s unique and agressive look. 16×10 inch up front and 16×11.5 out back, they fit perfectly.

Inside, Riley has great taste, a classic small steering wheel made by Enrico Nardi that flows great with the rest of the car.


Engine wise it’s a 535i with the famous 3.5l, the same as the 635 CSi, a 3430cc straight 6 putting out no less than 218bhp at 5500rpm in it’s non catalysed version. However Riley said about the possibility of swapping in a V8 (m60b40 from a 1994 740i).


As we always say, it’s the thought that counts, I couldn’t help but add in a few goodies in his package.

Thanks very much to you for your trust and this great partnership.
See you in CA


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